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「Top Priority To Safety] We will continue to make constant effort for SAFETY

Corporate Philosophy

-Challenge, Hungrily.- We sincerely & enthusiastically try hard to meet customer’s demand by making full use of our high skills, for social contribution and consistent growth. 

Core Competence

Ever since its foundation of 1946, we have been steadily growing as one of the representative general contractors in the Eastern-Toyama region. Our strength that enables us differentiate from others is symbolized by long-accumulated, original know-how of transporting construction materials and equipment, using trolley train. We are sure that our unshakable presence at Kurobe Gorge area has been brought from this originality. In recent years we have been promoting regional vitalization project which utilizes abundant natural resources such as hydraulic power and geo-thermal power. 




Since the establishment of Otaka , our main works like flood protection project to protect the lives and property of people in the basin suffering from flood damage and for the power supply development by overcoming the harsh natural environment.
The thoughts of predecessors who challenged these are still taken over by us.
The development of social infrastructure has progressed and “ safety,security and comfort” has become common today. In other to protect the present status we are and we will play a big responsibility with our high technology both today and in the future. That’s OTAKA’S Pride.We offer these kind of services.

  • Civil Engineering

  • Slope

  • Architecture

  • Renewable Energy & Overseas



Message from President & Corporate identity

April 2017, Otaka received it’s 71th anniversary. In 1946AD, Ohashi Kenji engineer of Japan Electric Company founded Ohashi company.1954AD ,Ohashi Kenji and Takashima Ichitaro civil engineer of prefectural government officer of Toyama (※Toyama Prefecture : Local Government of Japan) established Otaka Construction Co.,Ltd. Since then, utilizing its advanced technology Otaka continue to grow up as construction company . Otaka has the philosophy to contribute for the improvement of social capital .Therefore, its main business area is Kurobe river (sides), which is the starting place of Japan’s hydroelectric power generation.

Especially, Otaka has developed unique technical skill of transporting equipment and materials by using train( truck train ) along the Kurobe river, where the path( slope) is steep and cannot construct the transportation road .

After that, Otaka has advanced a wide range of projects such as river disaster prevention projects, coastal disaster prevention projects, road development projects, railway construction projects and building construction business, as well as hydropower project and soil-erosion control projects.

Otaka is active in wide field regarding construction works and has developed as a general construction company representing Toyama prefecture.

In recent years, Otaka have also promoted regional revitalization projects through renewable energy utilizing small scale hydropower , geothermal energy and are also making efforts to contribute the local community through it .





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 09952052111

Myanmar Office

Building No.7, Room No.402, 4th floor, Moe Kaung Condo (Amps Condo), Moe Kaung Road,Yankin Township, Yangon


Tel: 09952052111,


Website: https://otakamyanmar.wixsite.com/home

Head Office in Japan

633-1 Unazuki Onsen Kurobe City Toyama,930-0282, Japan

Phone: (+81)765-62-1106
Fax     : (+81)765-62-1631


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